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Customer Services

At Satyam Polyplast your requirements are our priorities and with an extremely well trained staff, we answer your questions quickly and efficiently. Our “personal touch” from beginning to end and there on will ensure your satisfaction and confidence in our abilities.
We have an extensive application laboratory which is dedicated to our customer’s needs and development. Our testing program includes:

    • Filter Pressure Values Testing
    • Melt Flow Index Testing.
    • Close tolerances to match the colour,  hue and other critical functional properties by using:
    • Gelimat to give a wet polymer for proper dispersion of pigments.
    • Spectrophotometer for exact color matching
    • Wash fastness, Sublimation tester , Rub Fastness
    • Lab Extruder for development of masterbatches for various applications.
    • Differential scanning calorimeter
    • Moisture Analyser
    • Specific Gravity
    • Precision Weighing Scales from Mettler
    • Blown Film Plant

The Process: